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Joint Mobilization And Manipulation

Waterford Chartered Physiotherapy clinic uses “hands-on” treatment techniques for certain conditions. Treatments may include joint mobilization and manipulation.

Joint mobilization is a type of passive movement performed by the chartered physiotherapist at a slow speed. Joint mobilization is the use of skilled graded forces to mobilize joints, improve motion and to normalize joint function.

Mobilization Techniques are used to
1) Improve joint nutrition.
2) Improve muscle spasm and tension
3) Reduce pain.
4) Reverse joint hypomobility.
5) Improve or restore motion.

Joint manipulation is also a passive movement performed by the chartered physiotherapist but at a greater speed and force. It is often associated with an audible ‘crack’ which is the release of pressure from within the joint that is under manipulation. Joint manipulation has the same treatment effects as mobilization techniques and the decision to use mobilization or manipulation is based on the nature and severity of your condition and your own particular health status.Your chartered physiotherapist may use a combination of both joint mobilization and manipulation techniques during your treatment session and will fully explain any treatment choices before performing any ‘hands-on’ techniques.

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