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Siobhan has been lead Physiotherapist to the Waterford senior hurling team since 2012. During her time with us, Siobhan and her team have consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to achieving success.
Michael Ryan, Former Waterford Senior Hurling Manager
I am attending Siobhan's Back Rehabilitation Classes. I am a jogger training for the Waterford Viking Marathon, and had to stop due to a flare up of lower back pain that just wouldn't settle. Even after the first week I found a huge improvement. Four weeks in and I can run 18 miles without any discomfort. The classes have also improved my balance , core strength, and flexibility. If I never had back pain these classes would be of huge benefit to my running . Siobhan tailors the classes to each participant so they get the most from every class . The classes also teach you how to maintain your back, and deal with flair ups
Michael – Back Rehabilitation Class Participant
As a former track athlete herself, Siobhan has a unique perspective on running injuries, their causes, symptoms, and most importantly their prevention. Working with Siobhan over the years, and more recently with her team, I've found no matter what running injury I've had, they've both treated it and have given me exercises to prevent it happening again (which might not be the best business plan to operate by!) All joking aside, Siobhan, Sarah and Rory work very well together as a team and to the highest standards and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them when asked by fellow runners and athletes alike.
Dave Drohan – Athlete
I started the classes with Siobhan as I have suffered with lower back and hip pain for years associated with caring for my disabled son. I have found the classes so beneficial. I love doing exercise but always felt I was not doing them correct. I have learned so much from the classes. Especially how to correct my posture which in turn helps with my lower back pain, how to use my muscles to my benefit with standing, sitting and lifting. Now when my back aches I use some of the stretches that Siobhan has thought us to help with the pain rather then minding it which was not helping at all. I would highly recommend these classes for anyone with back pain, young or old.
Lorraine – Back Rehabilitation Class Participant
I have worked with Siobhan on the treatment of injuries for many years now...I have always found her to be extremely professional, helpful and flexible. She always went the ‘extra mile’ to make sure that my sports injuries were healed as quickly as possible so that I could get back training and playing. I am extremely grateful for the many hours of work that Siobhan has done for me and for helping to prolong my playing career for as long as possible.
Fergal Hartley – Former Waterford Inter County Hurler
I've found Siobhan's sessions to be really beneficial and personalised. Although the class says Back Rehab, in my instance I had a neck injury but that didn't matter. Siobhan is fully aware of what each partipant's particular injury / issue is and she makes very sure that everyone is doing their exercises correctly and if needs be, she will adapt the exercise to each individual without altering the pace of the class. Therefore no one feels like they are losing out or slowing things down. The classes have definitely benefited me as I have really noticed a difference in my overall well-being and core strength since I started them.
Noreen – Back Rehabilitation Class Participant